Alex Jones books for sale by Canadian Government

Through a forfeiture sale the Canadian government is selling copies of Alex Jones’ book on the Great Reset. David Fraser from the CBC news spoke to me about this sale and my thoughts about it. I honestly, found it odd considering the Prime Minister is the crux of the Great Reset conspiracy for many Canadian conspiracists, but there are also issues of censorship if the government had chosen not to sell the items.

Tucker Carlson’s Alberta Liberation

After releasing a video of himself calling the Press line of the Prime Minister’s to inform Justin Trudeau that he was coming to Canada to “liberate” the country, Tucker Carlson shared a stage with Jordan Peterson and Premier Danielle Smith. Smith was questioned about her being on stage with a media personality who is known for his conspiracy theories, and toxic language and tonight I discussed this with CP24. The power of influencers, both domestic and foreign in the populist rhetoric is a powerful mobilizer when fear is at the base.

A Day In The Life of Me….

A few months ago the Senior Editor at the Tyee called to ask if they could do a “day in the life” article about me and my work. Honestly, I laughed pretty damn hard cause my life is pretty boring, and involves a lot of doom scrolling, wine, puppies, and only getting dressed to go on campus.

They insisted I could be interesting (HA HA HA) and asked for the interview. I have to say Andrea was so much fun to chat with. They had a HUGE interest in conspiracies and we had a very informal chat.

Reviving the Violet Flame: The New Age conspiratorial journey of Canada’s Queen Romana Didulo

Studies in Religion has published my latest article on the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, Romana Didulo. While much has been written about Didulo and her movement, her conspiracy theories, and anti-government approach, together with Dr. Amarnath Amarasingam, I examine the core of this movement and its religious pedigree, linking it to the Theosophical movement from the 1930s and 1940s.

Read the full article here.