Tucker Carlson’s Alberta Liberation

After releasing a video of himself calling the Press line of the Prime Minister’s to inform Justin Trudeau that he was coming to Canada to “liberate” the country, Tucker Carlson shared a stage with Jordan Peterson and Premier Danielle Smith. Smith was questioned about her being on stage with a media personality who is known for his conspiracy theories, and toxic language and tonight I discussed this with CP24. The power of influencers, both domestic and foreign in the populist rhetoric is a powerful mobilizer when fear is at the base.

Christian Nationalism and populism

In May of 2023, I was part of a panel for the Interfaith Conference in Waterloo. The topic of the conference was finding common ground in a time of polarization, and I presented on conspiracy theories and religion, and the role of Christian nationalism leading to populism in North America. It was a great conference, and I was able to present with two of my favourite scholars, Dr. David Hofmann from New Brunswick University and Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi from Simon Fraser University. The conference presentation was written into an article for Wilfrid Laurier University’s Concensus Journal.

A Day In The Life of Me….

A few months ago the Senior Editor at the Tyee called to ask if they could do a “day in the life” article about me and my work. Honestly, I laughed pretty damn hard cause my life is pretty boring, and involves a lot of doom scrolling, wine, puppies, and only getting dressed to go on campus.

They insisted I could be interesting (HA HA HA) and asked for the interview. I have to say Andrea was so much fun to chat with. They had a HUGE interest in conspiracies and we had a very informal chat.