Conspiracy theories and political response

I had the opportunity to discuss politicians’ responses when confronted with questions about conspiracy theories. In the discussion with the Blue Sky talk show on CBC Saskatchewan about conspiracies, why they take hold, the swing to right wing governments, and the implications to marginalized communities when politicians entertain conspiracies as a political platform.

Artur Pawlowski in Ohio

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is the keynote speaker at a Prayer Breakfast in Ohio and people are questioning if this is good for the community. A reporter contacted me to find out more about this Canadian Pastor and his link to a transnational Christian Nationalism movement in North America.

Alex Jones books for sale by Canadian Government

Through a forfeiture sale the Canadian government is selling copies of Alex Jones’ book on the Great Reset. David Fraser from the CBC news spoke to me about this sale and my thoughts about it. I honestly, found it odd considering the Prime Minister is the crux of the Great Reset conspiracy for many Canadian conspiracists, but there are also issues of censorship if the government had chosen not to sell the items.

Writing NonStop – New Book coming in 2025!

In 2025, I will have a manuscript published: Constructed Victimhood next year. The book contextualizes the role of a sense of persecution of white, Christian, men express on social media, providing an persona of victimhood allowing them to pursue an ideology of anti-immigration, anti-feminism, and anti-LGBTQ2SA communities. They are not alone, with some Christian women online, articulating the same victim status helping to mobilize a Christian nationalist movement across North America. Please check back for more details!

Upcoming Book – Canadian Far Right and Conspiracy Theories

During my Postdoctoral Fellow position at the Disinformation Project at Simon Fraser University, we created a novel approach to coding conspiracy theories and right-wing extremists’ use of these theories to spread their ideologies. The entire group including Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi, are the authors of The Canadian Far Right and Conspiracy Theories, with Routledge’s Far Right Series. Stay tuned for updated publication dates!

Tucker Carlson’s Alberta Liberation

After releasing a video of himself calling the Press line of the Prime Minister’s to inform Justin Trudeau that he was coming to Canada to “liberate” the country, Tucker Carlson shared a stage with Jordan Peterson and Premier Danielle Smith. Smith was questioned about her being on stage with a media personality who is known for his conspiracy theories, and toxic language and tonight I discussed this with CP24. The power of influencers, both domestic and foreign in the populist rhetoric is a powerful mobilizer when fear is at the base.

Christian Nationalism and populism

In May of 2023, I was part of a panel for the Interfaith Conference in Waterloo. The topic of the conference was finding common ground in a time of polarization, and I presented on conspiracy theories and religion, and the role of Christian nationalism leading to populism in North America. It was a great conference, and I was able to present with two of my favourite scholars, Dr. David Hofmann from New Brunswick University and Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi from Simon Fraser University. The conference presentation was written into an article for Wilfrid Laurier University’s Concensus Journal.