A Day In The Life of Me….

A few months ago the Senior Editor at the Tyee called to ask if they could do a “day in the life” article about me and my work. Honestly, I laughed pretty damn hard cause my life is pretty boring, and involves a lot of doom scrolling, wine, puppies, and only getting dressed to go on campus.

They insisted I could be interesting (HA HA HA) and asked for the interview. I have to say Andrea was so much fun to chat with. They had a HUGE interest in conspiracies and we had a very informal chat.

Reviving the Violet Flame: The New Age conspiratorial journey of Canada’s Queen Romana Didulo

Studies in Religion has published my latest article on the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, Romana Didulo. While much has been written about Didulo and her movement, her conspiracy theories, and anti-government approach, together with Dr. Amarnath Amarasingam, I examine the core of this movement and its religious pedigree, linking it to the Theosophical movement from the 1930s and 1940s.

Read the full article here.

Veltman Trial Continues with an Explosive Video Confession

Nathanial Veltman’s video confession was played in a Windsor court today, a shocking revelation of conspiracy, hate speech, and violence. Veltman revealed that he believed the social media posts of those spreading hate, that Muslims were abusing and grooming young women in Europe, his anger and hate rose from these images and he wanted to attack in response. His act of running over a family in London, Ontario was the result of these images and ensuing beliefs. Tonight I spoke to Global News about this issue and its impact.

Convoy Trial – Social Media

The trials for Freedom Convoy Leaders Tamara Lich and Chris Barber has seen a large amount of social media as evidence presented in the courtroom. Social media, both mainstream and alternative, was a significant component to the social mobilization of protesters and funders. While the evidence being shown focuses on the two leaders attempting to convince protesters to remain in Ottawa, after the police and Emergency Act called for them to leave, the posts from those leading the protest were also laden with conspiracies and disinformation.

Christianity and the Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory

The great replacement conspiracy theory holds that white people are being replaced in “Western Civilization” through immigration policies. Christianity will be destroyed and believers persecuted for their faith. In the August edition of Sojourner Magazine I have written a piece explaining the history and the impact of the conspiracy theory and how Christianity is intertwined.