What of the Protesters who are not Conspiracists?

The convoy protest has been vilified for the right-wing extremism that is apparent in some of its quarters and leadership. Conspiracy theory is the fuel and impetus for many of the protesters there to fight evil and save Canada from the Great Reset and the New World Order. There are those who participated in the protests as genuine concerned citizens protesting the mandates, the vaccines, and expressing their fears. Those are the voice which are unheard and ignored within this protest. Labelled as “crazy,” “self-centred,” “uncaring of others in society” these individuals are cast aside, lumped in with the far right and the conspiracists, while being insulted. When they have no one to speak to they will seek solace in friendships of those who support their views, which eventually becomes connected to extremism, conspiracy, and enclaves of those who welcome the disenfranchised.